If anyone ever thinks they can dictate to me who to like, talk to or be friends with they are very arrogant, very wrong, and veeery funny.

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What’s up with all these drummer boys coming my way right now?
Have I developed some kind of “drummer fucker” face or something?

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Friends who try and shame you for

  • Watching something they don’t deem worthy/ don’t like 
  • Listening to something they don’t like
  • Finding things funny that they don’t
  • Fancying people they don’t

are self important pretentious douchebags you do not need in your life.
Do you and drop the dead weight.

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Student finance will give me enough of a loan so that after careful budgeting I can afford not to work, fully focus on my education and take up some internships along the way! 

I’M SO HAPPY! :’) <3

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Someone who stopped being my friend because I’m an atheist just contacted me for the first time in 5 years

…to ask me to “like” a photo of him hanging out with people from this religious organisation he’s a part of.

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I hate that foods become so ridiculously expensive when they, well, become a bit of a fad.

Don’t get me wrong, I love that everyone’s eating healthy things but the same thing happened to coconut water a few years back and I’m tried of my favourite affordable staple foods becoming a weekly treat. 
It literally costs £1 to £1.20 extra just to get avocado as a topping in a sandwich or burger in most places. Not cool.

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WHY doesn’t anyone ever buy me socks, what is the actual point of being British then?

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A hair tip:
If you wanna dye your hair green, be prepared to keep it that way or go darker afterwards because that shit is not coming out.

I have not redyed my alleged semi permanent directions green in 2 months, washed it twice every time I wash my hair and just bleached over it and it’s still here.

You’ve been warned.

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  • Next week for the first time in about a year I get a week off from work AND college
  • It’s also my birthday next week and I’m gonna treat* myself to a pair of shoes
  • Winter is over for a while
  • My eyebrows look good
  • I’m gonna do something new to my hair
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This whole “Don’t hate X, hatred only breeds more hatred” thing is bullshit

Everyone should hate pineapples on pizzas. What a waste of a great fruit and great food.

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I’m waxing my legs.
I’m Iranian.

If I don’t post anything tomorrow after my queue’s ran out, presume me dead.

Why do they grow in so many different directions? It’s like an elaborate torture puzzle!
I can’t wait to start laser hair removal, this is some bullshit.

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I’m waxing my legs.
I’m Iranian.

If I don’t post anything tomorrow after my queue’s ran out, presume me dead.

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How can you walk into our shop, I’m standing there in an apron cleaning counters and you ask if I work here?

What else could possibly be the alternative?!

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The one and only thing I’ll say on the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West cover - *gasp* -because everyone’s losing their mind over it:

Are we seriously pretending that US vogue has been anything other than a disgustingly commercial, celebrity culture pandering piece of glorified advertising booklet in the recent years?

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