I hate, hate hate HATE the word “fashionista”

Not exactly sure why but my subconscious says no.

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You learn something new everyday and this week I learnt that speaking to/asking advice from your straight girlfriends about a girl is counterproductive nine times out of ten, because for some reason and without meaning to, they treat gay crushes/relationships differently

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If there is a hell, I reckon all the chairs and tables have ONE unstable shorter leg which makes them wobble constantly.

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I look good and am wearing amazing lingerie, with zero people to look at me.


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And repeat:
My skin feels like elastic and lava
And I
melt, evaporate,
slip, run and trickle 
back through every inch of me and solidify again
And repeat:

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I almost spent £250 on a kimono coat because it made me look like a sith.

The coat was actually £100 off and very reasonable pricing for an independent designer.
I’m moving out so I need to save.

I want to look like a Sith Lord.

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Man: “What’s your name?”
Me: “Ari”
Man “Nice to meet you Curry”

He didn’t even doubt his hearing for a second. He thought a brown girl’s parents would genuinely consider calling her Curry.

I dieee

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I think a lot of people forget that non-believers are a minority group and that just admitting you’re an atheist in some parts of a world can get you killed

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When I love people “Hey buttface.”

When I find people irritating “Excuse me dear.”

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It turns out the reason I’ve been so tired, sad, faint and in pain for the past month or two is because my vitamin D levels are very low!

I knew it wasn’t my will power, time to treat my body like it deserves to be treated though <3

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It’s really strange and kinda rude that people just assume I must be Muslim because I’m brown and look/am middle eastern.
I’m looking at you too fellow brown people!

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look if you unironically say ‘money can’t buy happiness’ then either you’ve never faced a real financial struggle or you’ve achieved enlightenment, because goddamn does financial security feel an awful lot like happiness when it’s something you’re not used to

THIS. Money and luxury on their own might not bring happiness to most but money is a tool and if it’s not at least aiding you to happiness you’re probably not using it right.

Money can bring happiness in a lot of indirect ways, ‘security’ being the most obvious one and ‘opportunity’ being another. Not to mention you don’t necessarily need to spend it all on yourself to be happy either, Bill and Melinda Gates have achieved a great deal of happiness giving most of their money away to important causes.

For some reason people always assume that money, or more accurately wealth’s only function is to buy designer handbags and sports cars (which are nice and do make some people feel very happy and fulfilled) but that’s not what it’s about.

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UK raising drinking age to 21


I can’t be the only one who thinks it’s stupid to try to stop under-age drinking by raising the legal age to consume alcohol.

Like, the legal age isn’t the problem. They are under-age if it’s 18 and they’re under-age if it’s 21. If they are already obtaining and drinking alcohol somehow how is that going to change anything?

My parents have been pretty lax with drinking from the age of 16, I was allowed a couple of alcopops (wine coolers for the you US peeps) on special occasions or cider with lunch. As long as I wasn’t going out and getting hammered in the streets all just fine. Obviously people handle that differently. 

I understand that it is a problem and we have 11-12 years olds drinking their own body weight in alcohol which is ridiculous but that comes down to parenting surely? And some parents don’t care and some kids sneak behind parents back but back to my point.

If they want to raise the drinking ago, fine with them. But feel it’s only going to lead in more undeserving kids getting in trouble and taking up police time then actually stopping anything else. 

I definitely agree that raising the alcohol consumption age in the UK is relatively pointless, because as opposed to tobacco (for which the age of consumption was raised in 2007) alcohol is absolutely ingrained in British culture and if we’re ever to address underage drinking we need to address it more from a cultural point than legal.

That being said since we’re talking underage alcohol consumption/alcohol consumption generally, rant time:
I think alcohol is a massive problem in the UK both in adults and teenagers and people are way too relaxed about it and don’t seem to want to tackle it as an issue at all.
This should be a bigger deal than it is and people should care about it. Our brains do most of their rapid growing in our teenage years so introducing a toxic substance when our prefrontal cortex (our decision making centre) isn’t fully developed isn’t the best idea. Alcohol consumption in teenagers has also been linked to memory problems.
Not to forget that starting alcohol consumption early in life has been directly linked to problems with excessive alcohol consumption later on, the mental and physical effects of which most Brits are only too aware of.

I’m starting to think that Alcohol is British people’s “Gun issue” in that they know there’s a problem but they love it so much that they make 1001 reasons why “nothing’s gonna change anyway so why bother.”

tldr: Raising the alcohol consumption age is most probably not a thing that would ever work in the UK but something needs to be done.

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Fashion and beauty aims for this year: Femme fatale super-villain 

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